My 5 Go-To Snacks with No Sugar Added

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

My last post got so much love, and I can tell that healthy living really interested a lot of you. Aside from What I Learned from No Suger Added, I decided to write a post outlining some of my favorite foods while doing this challenge.

I think this will be really helpful for those of you who are interested in making some better alternatives to your everyday foods. Even if you don’t want to 100% switch over, you could always try to eliminate the sugar in food that doesn’t need it. So, I’ve compiled my favorite foods with no sugar added. Here we go!

  1. RW Garcia Organic Sweet Potato Crackers: SO SO YUMMY! I found that a lot of crackers had sugar in them, but I found these at Costco and had to try them. They were definitely my go-to snack and so delicious. Highly recommend!
  2. RXBars: I used to eat a lot of protein bars for a mid-day snack and wow there is SO MUCH SUGAR packed into CliffBars. I wanted to find an alternative, and I decided to give the RXBars a try. I tried a lot of different flavors, and my favorite two are the Mint Chocolate and the Chocolate Chip. These bars are sweetened with dates and use cocoa nips so it’s straight-up cocoa.
  3. Fruit: This is an obvious one, but I’m a huge fruit person! I eat a lot of Strawberries, Bananas, Pears, Pineapple, Apples, and well any fruit out there. Fruit is naturally sweet, but the glucose is paired with natural fiber so it digests differently (better) than processed sugar.
  4. Veggies: Another obvious one, but I love roasted carrots with herbs and parmesan. YUMMY! Carrots are also very sweet so it kind of tastes like a real treat when you don’t eat sugar haha
  5. Chips and Beans:  I love chips and beans and it is so easy to whip together and a great snack. Just double-check the ingredients in the tortilla chips you buy and cook the beans with some salt, pepper, and chili powder.

These are my go-to, sugar-free snacks that are yummy and oh so easy. Do you have any favorite snacks with no sugar added? Let me know in the comments!

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