5 Things I Learned from No Sugar Added – 30 Day Challenge

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

Do you remember when I did no sugar anything last December?! Well, I never shared what I learned lol. So, as some of you know, I went the month of December with absolutely no added sugar, no added sweetener,  just 100% natural food. I gave myself rules to abide by and read every single food label throughout the month. Here are the rules I lived by during the month of December:

  1. No Added Sugar (there are over 40 different names for sugar in food labels!)
  2. No Honey, Maple Syrup, Stevia
  3. No Juice
  4. Sugar found Naturally in Food is Okay (Fruit, Veggies, Dairy, etc.)

I went into this month knowing it was going to be challenging, but honestly, it wasn’t nearly as hard as I expected. Those 30 days taught me a lot and really changed my perspective on food! Here is what I learned through those 30 days.

  1. Sugar is Everywhere! Going through the aisles of the grocery store, reading EVERY label of the foods I picked up, I quickly realized that sugar was in everything. Even things that shouldn’t have sugar in them like bread, meat, yogurt, you name it! If it’s packaged, it probably has sugar in it.
  2. Nutrition Label’s Lie… You may find a food item that claims it has no sugar added, and think “Finally!”. Well, go ahead and check the ingredients because there still may be sugar hidden in there! It was so annoying seeing packages state no sugar added, when in fact, there was sugar added. Legally, companies can say there is no sugar added if it’s less than .05 mg of sugar. In my opinion, that’s a lie.
  3. Removing Sugar Improved my Physical and Mental Health. Obviously, there are physical benefits from removing added sugars from your diet, but I was not anticipating all the mental benefits! I didn’t really notice a change in my mood and mental health until about 15ish days into it. Once I noticed, all of a sudden it made me want to continue with no sugar added even after the 30 days were over. I felt so good! I was really happy and I didn’t have any guilt over my eating habits.
  4. Sugar Leaves you Craving Sugar. I found that it’s easier to say ‘no’ than to have just a little. Throughout the 30 days, it was actually really easy to say ‘no’. Since the challenge has been over, I find myself having a little chocolate here and there and it’s really hard to put it away, or not go back for more. It like an all or nothing kind of deal for me! I’ve got will power, but now I need to master portion control.
  5. Sugar Really Messes with Digestion. This is the least glamorous lesson learned from having no sugar for 30 days. It took about the entire month for my body to adjust to the changes, but my digestion was so healthy at about day 15! It was crazy how simply eliminating added sugars helped my body function so much better.

This was the best challenge I’ve done in a long time! I learned so much about the food industry, myself, and my body. I never expected to have such a positive experience giving up all added sugars! I would definitely do it again, and I hope to continue this lifestyle change as I alter my habits for healthier alternatives.

Questions from Instagram:

Did Logan join you?

No. haha. He didn’t want to do the challenge and that’s totally fine. He didn’t rub the sugar in my face though, so that helped. Also, I made the meals at home and he was supportive of eating whatever I made.

Did meals feel boring and repetitive or did I switch it up? 

I’m the person that eats the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner almost every day. Some people don’t like that but I find it easier and less time-consuming. So, I basically the same things for 30 days lol. That doesn’t bother me though since that’s pretty standard. It wouldn’t be hard to change it up though! We did do HelloFresh every once in a while for dinner, and I just made sure to only give Logan the parts with sugar in it! (They are actually pretty good about no added sugar though)

What is challenging over the Holidays?

Yes and no. Obviously when you think Christmas and New Year’s you also think of all the desserts that accompany. It was actually really nice to not even be tempted by the sugar! It was so easy for me to say no at that point in the challenge. I had so much will power it was amazing! Also, instead of overeating on the sweets and gaining weight, I was eating healthy and losing weight! (I lost like 8 pounds from doing this challenge!!!)

Would I do it again?

100% YES! I really think everyone should try it at least once because it really changed my outlook on food.

Would you try this Challenge?! Let me know!Signoff Clear


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  1. Hilary Tan says:

    This blog post so useful! Thank you for sharing your insights with us. I’m about to embark on a 30-day no sugar added challenge once the sugar is out of my house. I’m using up the rest of my dark chocolate and sadly, sugar is the first ingredient. Sugar is in everything! 🙇‍♀️

    When I did quit white sugar for a while, I was terribly addicted to honey and maple syrup, so I will be cutting these things out or limiting how much I consume. I don’t take sugar in coffee or tea and have already cut down on my caffeine consumption. Right now I’m only drinking mint tea since I prefer the taste compared to green tea. The switch to non-caffeinated tea wasn’t hard for me, but going sugar-free will definitely be challenging. I won’t be using sugar substitutes since I don’t like the taste of artificial sweeteners.


    1. veronicalila says:

      You’ve totally got this!!! It’s a hard adjustment at first, but totally worth it! Let me know how it goes 💛

      Liked by 1 person

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