My First Nail Art Experience

Happy Sunday, Lovelies!

Have you ever had nail art done before?! I was very inspired by Cara Loren and all of her fabulous nail designs that I decided to book an appointment with COATED for my first ever nail art experience. I want to share what I learned and how I would approach the situation now.

When I was planning what I wanted, I created an entire Pinterest Board for my nail inspirtation. I was loving everything that I had pinned but couldn’t decide between a few different designs, but they all had a very similar abstract style. So I didn’t pick. Instead, when I was talking with the nail art technician, I showed her all of the pictures and asked her to freestyle. I wanted something unique instead of a copy & paste. After we had talked a little about the colors and what aspects I liked most, she went for it!

It was really hard to tell if I liked what she was doing. After all, she wasn’t copying & pasting a design, so I wasn’t sure what the end result would look like. She was very nice and would ask me if I liked what she was doing. In all honesty, I didn’t know if I did or didn’t! I just told her, “yes” to see what the end result would be.

It took quite a while for the process to be finished between the thinking, drying time (it was all gel polish) and adjusting. While I still wasn’t sure if I liked them right when she finished, I loved them more and more as days passed. Now, I miss having the design on my fingernails!

While I did enjoy my experience, I would rather go in with one picture in mind so I’m not left guessing the entire appointment on whether or not I’ll like what I’m paying for. That’s on me. The technician was so polite and considerate of me and my expectations and did everything she could to ensure that I had the best experience possible.

I’ll definitely be getting nail art again! Let me know if you have had nail art done or if you’ve been wanting to try. Make sure to follow my Pinterest Board for all the nail art inspiration.

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  1. How fun in a way to see how the nail technician used your inspiration! I’ve tried to do my own nail art with some disastrous results but it’s still fun to try!

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    1. veronicalila says:

      I love trying new things! I just did the marble effect on my nails and I’m obsessed!!!

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