My Teeth Sparkle because of This Home Whitening Kit

Welcome back, Lovelies!

Throughout the years, I have tried so many versions of teeth whitening. Some of the products seemed to have worked fairly well, while others seemed to destroy my teeth! From whitening strips to LED lights to charcoal powder, I didn’t find a product that I saw being with long term, so I dumped them all!

Lucky for me, I found Smile Brilliant! I have been so excited to share this teeth whitening kit with you because it WORKS! Seriously, even after one session, my teeth are so much whiter it’s crazy. Before I show you the results, I want to just let you know a little about it.

What makes this kit so different from the rest of the whitening products floating around is that it is personalized for you! With custom trays, it gives professional results from the comfort of your home. If you have sensitive teeth, there is a specific kit with desensitizing gel (which is the one I got). I have fairly sensitive teeth, but with this kit, I never had any issues after my whitening sessions.


How it Works:

The first thing I did was create the molds for my custom trays. They sent me all the information and product needed to create a successful mold of my teeth, including backup clay just in case.

Once I had my molds created, I sent them back to their labs (prepaid return postage, hallelujah). After about 2 weeks, I had my custom trays in the mail ready for use! It was incredible how well they fit and how comfortable they are.

Smile Brilliant had instructions every step of the way to ensure the best results possible. I received 3 syringes of whitening and 3 syringes of desensitizing gel. Each whitening session only uses about 1/4 – 1/3 the syringe so you can get 3-4 from each! A little goes a long way, which I love. Each whitening session can last from 45 minutes to 3 hours. I started at 45 minutes and would build to a longer time. After the whitening, you put in the desensitizing gel for 15 minutes and it feels soo good! During the whitening sessions, I would work from home, read a book, or binge my latest Netflix show (this one is the most likely lol).

With the holidays right around the corner, this is the perfect gift for yourself or your loved one! I know Logan would absolutely LOVE THIS! I mean, who doesn’t want the whitest teeth possible?


If you want to try your luck before buying one for yourself, Smile Brilliant is working with me to give one of you a FREE kit (I love me a good Giveaway). Just click the image below and fill out the form! It’s that easy!

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 11.30.16 PM.png

If you don’t win, don’t fret! With my discount code veronicalila15, you get 15% off site-wide! 

What teeth whitening products have you used? I’m telling you, I’ve used them all, and this is definitely the best! Check out my before and after pics to see the difference!

Before and After

There are hundreds of languages in the world but a smile speaks them all. 


Let’s help ours be the best it can be, shall we?

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  1. Marisa Shaffer says:

    Love this!!


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