Function of Beauty – My First Impressions

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

When I first purchased Function of Beauty, I shared it on my Instagram and I got so many DM’s telling me they love it or asking me if I can let them know what I think. Well… Here you have it! I’ve been using the Function of Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner for several months now, and I want to give my honest review of the products. This isn’t sponsored (even though I wish it was lol), just wanted to share in case any of you are interested in this option!

How it Works

If you don’t know, Function of Beauty customizes your shampoo and conditioner based on your specific hair needs and preferences. The main reason I decided to splurge on this service is that it is natural and paraben + sulfate-free. My skin reacts poorly to a lot of shampoos that are scented or that have a lot of chemicals, so I wanted to give this a try. It’s also 100% Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Earthly Friendly, and made in the USA to that’s a big bonus.

I started the process with a hair quiz to give them an idea of my hair type (wavy), structure (medium), and moisture (normal). Next is the fun part! I got to give them 5 hair goals to help curate the formula of my personalized shampoo and conditioner. I selected these:

  • + lengthen
  • + volumize
  • + shine
  • + strengthen
  • + deep condition

There are so many options to choose from and your shampoo truly has specific ingredients to target those goals. AMAZING! The last thing is the scent. Again, I wanted a natural shampoo and conditioner so I chose the “all (you)calyptus”. It smells like a spa day, and I love it.

My First Impressions

I loved the personalized process from the beginning to the end. It may sound silly, but I felt so special receiving a bottle with my name on it! My hair feels amazing after a few months of using this product and let me tell you, the volume in my hair is crazy these days (in the best way!). I also had the crazy postpartum hair loss which gave me weird short hairs all around my hairline. Now I don’t have any because they’ve grown so quickly thanks to my lengthen goal. I am living my #hairgoals and loving this product so much!!

It’s subscription-based, and I have it set for the longest interval which is 6 months. However, you can push it further back if you don’t need a refill yet! You aren’t trapped into a service you don’t need, which is awesome.

At first, it seemed a little pricey (I usually buy drugstore), but I only need one pump every time I wash my hair, so a little goes a long way. It’s almost been 5 months and I’m only halfway through my bottle! So in the end, the price is 100% worth it. Knowing that there are no harmful chemicals or ingredients gives me peace of mind for my skin, and my hair looks amazing!

In the end, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants a natural product made specifically for them. They also have a few new products like a leave-in conditioner and purple shampoo which I haven’t tried, but I’m sure they are amazing, too. Again, this wasn’t a sponsored post, but if you are looking for a new shampoo and conditioner, you should try this out!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve been wanting to try, or if you already have, what do you think? I’d love to hear!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Evelyn Gonzalez says:

    Hi Hi my name is Evelyn Gonzalez I have a automatically Order delivered to my house I would like to make some changes I have no need for the leave in condition and I would like to stop Receiving It thank you please communicate with me a soon as possible before my other order comes in


    1. veronicalila says:

      Hey, Evelyn! I don’t work for the company, I’m just writing a review as a customer/blogger. You should reach out to the actual company instead ☺️


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