Lennon’s 1st Bucket List

When I was in Oregon with my family, my mom threw me a baby shower! My favorite activity of the evening was putting together baby’s first bucket list. The guests at the shower wrote down one or two things that our boy should do in the first year of life!

Lennon’s First Bucket List

  • Sleep Through the Night
  • Taste a Lemon
  • Teethe Without Pain (as if)
  • Make a Time Capsule/Journal
  • Learn to Walk
  • Become Potty Trained
  • Go Hiking with Momma and Daddy
  • Walk at the Park
  • No TV
  • Travel to Europe
  • Roam through Italy
  • Go Fishing
  • Go to the Zoo
  • Baby Yoga with Momma
  • Go Swimming
  • Go to an NBA Game

I loved this idea of compiling a bucket list for our son! I’m so excited to check these things off throughout the first year of his life. Some may not happen (like being potty trained lol), but at least they are something to work toward and keep things interesting. I am seriously so excited to get started!!

I would love to hear more ideas in the comments, or things that you have enjoyed doing with your baby. The more ideas, the better. I want our son to have an amazing first year!

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