Lennon’s One Month Update

First of all, I CANNOT BELIEVE IT’S ALREADY BEEN A MONTH! Seems like just yesterday we left the hospital… Time flies when you’re having fun!


New to Lennon:

We just moved to Austin, TX so we are adjusting to the new apartment, weather, and atmosphere. We are still working on getting 100% moved in, so things aren’t quite a ‘normal’ for him, yet. We will get there soon. The humidity is definitely new for him, and so is the heat, but he seems to be okay with it so far!

Lennon’s Day-to-Day:

Lennon is a very consistent boy, as far as sleep and playtime are concerned. He gives a wake-up call around 6:30-7:00 am every morning. He’ll wake me, I’ll change him, feed him, then he’ll take another 2 hour nap shortly after (you bet I will try to nap, too). When he wakes up from this nap, he wants more food. I swear he never stops eating. After his second breakfast, we play together, this morning  I gave him a bath then snuggled and chatted. When he gets hungry, I will feed him again and he’ll go down for another nap at around noon. These days his daytime naps last about 2 hours, which is just enough time for me to get some things done. After this nap he is usually very awake and needing my constant attention and snuggles, which is perfectly fine by me. We will walk around, chat (these chats are obviously very one-sided haha), and eat a few times. His last ‘day-time’ nap usually starts around 3:30 pm. This is nice because he will wake up when Logan gets home from work! At this point, Logan gives him all the attention and I get to take it much easier. We will go out as a family on a little outing (shopping, dinner, walk, etc.) before his first bedtime. Hopefully, he goes to bed 7:30-8:00 pm for a 3 hour nap. That way when he wakes up, I just change him, feed him, and put him back to sleep at 11:00pm. Sometimes he doesn’t get a good sleep though, just little rounds of dozing off. In that case, he’ll go to sleep at 10:00 pm, which still isn’t bad. He wakes up only once in wee small hours of the morning around 3:00 am just for some boob, then he’ll go to sleep SUPER QUICK. Luckily I get to sleep a lot actually. I think I’m lucky in that regard.

Lennon’s Eating Habits:

As you can tell in the day-to-day section, he likes to eat a lot. Since he’s a really big boy, every times he eats he doesn’t get full until he’s had between 6-8 ounces. I’ve had a really hard time through breastfeeding, so I’ll usually pump as much as I can for him, then suppliment with formula. If he’s really grouchy and hungry, I’ll just breastfeed him with the help of little gadgets. I’ll try to do a post about my experience, since there’s not a ton of information out there for people with my situation. It’s been tough, but I know that I’m trying my best and that he is being fed what he needs. Recently, I have been trying to solely breastfeed. It’s been hard, but I’m trying to persevere!!

Lennon’s Hardships:

Lennon can get really fussy sometimes, usually while waiting for me to finish pumping to feed him. He also has been having a hard time pooping. He went a whole week without having a bowel movement, so I called the doctor and they recommended a glycerin suppository. We used it on Sunday, which worked, but I want him to start going on his own. I don’t want him to become dependent on suppositories! This is the main reason I switched to solely breastfeeding. I read that babies who are only breastfed rarely get constipated so I’m trying to help him out. Fingers crossed!

Lennon Wears:

We all know that he never fit into newborn sized clothing. Lennon has been wearing size 0-3 months, but some of those outfits are too small for him. Lennon has also been wearing the 3-6 months clothes recently, too. I’m thinking that Lennon weight arouns 13 to 14 pounds right now. We haven’t had his weight checked since his 2 week appointment, but based on how much he’s eating, that’s what I’m thinking.

Lennon Loves/Hates:

Lennon loves being warm, snuggled, his pacifier, looking around/exploring, going on walks, and listening to mommy and daddy’s voices.

He has a love/hate relationship with being swaddled.

Lennon hates being cold, hungry, and tired. (doesn’t everyone though? haha)

I cannot believe it’s been one month since Lennon came into our lives! We love him so much and would do anything for him. We cannot wait to continue loving him and learning with him. He’s our favorite little person ever!

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  1. Karen Rogers says:

    This was so fun to read! He is such a cutie! My little guy had to be formula fed and he was pretty constipated. For the first week too. We gave him a different formula. I believe we used enfamil gentlease. It worked!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. veronicalila says:

      Oh thank you! I was thinking about switching formulas but didn’t know which to use! I’ll probably give it a try if we decide to start supplimenting again.


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