Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks

The last few weeks have been crazy and I didn’t do a 34 week update, but nothing really changed other than the fact that our boy got bigger. However, for the 36 week update, we’ve got more information on baby!

The Bump:

The third trimester is crazy. Every week the bump grows bigger and bigger. I can’t believe how much my bump has grown since we returned from our babymoon to New Zealand. There’s definitely a big baby in here!! I keep thinking that I’ve got a small belly until I see a picture of myself! I can’t imagine my belly getting any bigger than it is now, but there’s still 4 more weeks to go!


These past few weeks have been absolutely crazy! I took a trip to Oregon to spend the week with my family and my mom threw me a fantastic baby shower. It was so nice to see family and old friends all come together. Baby is definitely going to be spoiled, that’s for sure! After my week in Oregon, I returned to Utah to watch over my cousins while my Aunt and Uncle went to Italy for 8 days. I wasn’t able to be as proactive as I would have liked as far as prepping for the baby. Being away from home for two weeks was pretty difficult, but I’m back at home now prepping for the little one!

Logan and I started birthing classes this week! It was so great to spend time with Logan and prep for our baby together by learning more about what to expect for labor. I’m really excited for the rest of the classes! I really should have signed up for earlier classes, but the options were so limited. If you’re pregnant and want to take classes, remember this – sign up early! There really aren’t too many options and there are usually more than one class that you need to account for. For example, I have four classes and finding dates that all worked before due date was soooo difficult.

Nesting is settling in more and more. I’ve been buying so much from Amazon to get all the extras our boy needs and for our hospital bags. I am currently washing all of the clothes I got from the baby shower in Oregon for the hospital bags! We also installed the car seat so we don’t have to worry about it when labor starts.  We are getting so close to the date, and I don’t feel prepared yet! AHHH!


So my munchy food has remained the same – fruit. Apples are being consumed constantly. I have been eating them with lime juice and it’s SO GOOD! I bought another pineapple yesterday… second time in my life now haha. I’m glad my snack cravings are pretty healthy or else I’d have a lot harder time. Chocolate milk is still the staple in my diet, but it always has been since I was a kid.

Another food that I’ve been really enjoying/craving is ‘nachos’. Basically just tortilla chips, cheese, and black beans. I stick it in the oven on broil for a few minutes and it’s delish.

Things to Do:

From my last update I had a list of things to do. I’ve failed on the hard ones lol. Below is what still needs to be done!

  • Finish Nursery: Decorating, Bedding, Bookshelves, Diaper Changing Station
  • Hospital Bags: Mommy, Daddy, and Baby

Doctor’s Appointment:

My 36 week doctor’s appointment included an ultrasound to check the growth of our boy. Right now, he weighs 7.5 pounds!!! Basically if he makes it to April 6th, he’ll weigh about 9.5 pounds. YIKES! Fingers crossed he doesn’t go over haha. The doctor told us he is bigger than about 85% of babies at 36 weeks. Growing like a champion. His heart rate is a whopping 163 bpm. I’m so glad our boy is so healthy and strong.

At this point we have doctor’s appointments every week! I can’t believe how close we are to meeting our son! He really could come this month if he’s ready. So much to do, such little time!

Until the next update,

Veronica Lila


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