Best Decision of Pregnancy!!

This entire pregnancy I have been in denial that my tummy was actually getting bigger… which is seriously ridiculous! I mean, it’s comparable to putting a basketball under my shirt. Anyway, I continued to wear my normal clothes for as long as possible. I wear my jeans, leggings, and sweaters so I don’t have to buy anything new. I hate spending money on things when I can use what I already have. This was my mindset for a VERY long time. Last week, I finally gave in and bought some maternity clothes!

The only reason why I even went shopping in the first place was because I wanted a dress that fit my bump well for maternity pictures. I personally think that maternity clothes are overpriced. At first, I went to Platos Closet (a second-hand store) to see if I could find any non-maternity clothes that worked. I tried on about 6 dresses, and they all looked terrible… cute on the hanger, but terrible on my bump. It was really discouraging! I finally gave in and went to Motherhood Maternity. There wasn’t a very wide selection of dresses to choose from in the store, but I found a few dresses that I liked, so I hit the dressing room. The difference in fit was incredible! These dresses were stretchy and snug on my bump and they were oh-so comfortable! They were having a BOGO 50% on dresses, so I bought two. The more I wear them, the more I love them! They make me feel pretty and feminine with my large baby bump.

Moral of the Story: Get Real Maternity Clothes!

It has definitely been the best decision of pregnancy. You can get by wearing regular clothes for a long time, but they aren’t made to properly fit a pregnant woman’s growing bump. Normal clothes are not very flattering on the bump, and I have realized that I feel SO MUCH BETTER wearing clothes that accentuate my bump, rather than clothes that poorly try to hide it. I love my new maternity dresses. If you were like me and can’t be bothered to buy new clothes just for pregnancy, knock it off! You deserve to feel beautiful and you should spend a little money on yourself for all the hard work your body is going through growing a precious baby.


Kimono – Motherhood Maternity for $45

Dress – Motherhood Maternity for $45

Shoes – Similar Pair at Target for $38

With Love,

Veronica Lila






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  1. The kimono looks gorgeous!


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