Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks

I have been REALLY bad at documenting my pregnancy journey thus far. I had fully intended to do a bi-weekly report, but here I am at 32 weeks doing my first update! HAHA, fail! Life can get in the way sometimes, but here I am ready to report.

I think it’s worth noting that I decided to do this for myself in future pregnancies to compare, and also for others who want to read about others’ experiences. Pregnancy is different for everyone, but it’s nice to hear the similarities because no one can relate to a pregnant woman like another pregnant woman. So here’s my update:


Logan and I did a gender reveal back at 16 weeks, which you can read about here. The experience was so exciting!! We were both so thrilled to be having a BOY. Our little lad is growing like crazy, and hopefully, we will meet him just a little earlier than expected.

The Bump:

I have grown SOOO much since the start of my third trimester, and yet I feel like there isn’t enough room in there for our boy to move around. It’s amazing how fast my body can change to grow our little human. Every week he gains about .5 lbs, so that means I need to make that much more room for him. He’s already taken occupancy up into my rib cage, so now the only option is out. I guess time will tell just how far he can stretch me haha.



Some days I’m super motivated to get things done, while others I just want to sit in bed all day and watch Netflix. From my last appointment I learned that I am anemic, so I’ve been taking Iron pills. I think this has helped boost my energy levels quite a bit. Another thing that seems to help is working out. I just go on walks, but it does help me feel a lot better about my day. Since I’ve stopped working, I am trying to remain productive (probably why I am finally doing an update lol), but I think so far I am doing a really good job! I’ve cleaned our closet and organized the baby’s clothes, cleaned the office (which has been on my mind for months… I couldn’t even go in there), and I got our nursery started! I love nesting!!

I’ve got a few baby showers coming up, so I am holding off on buying any more baby stuff until those are done. I don’t want to buy too much and waste money. I got the frugal gene from my mother. Until then, I’ll plan and make a list of everything that we do need before the big day. I hope to have my hospital bags packed by 35 weeks… EEEP SO CLOSE!


The main things that I have been eating this pregnancy is fruit, especially apples. I’ve been buying apples more in the last few months than I have in my entire life. I’m also very picky about my apples, so I’ll be at the store inspecting every apple hahaha. This week I bought a pineapple (first time ever) and ate the whole thing in two days. It is just sooo yummmyyyy!!!! Let’s see if that craving sticks around. So yeah, fruit has been my go-to snack. I also drink chocolate milk daily… whether is be protein drinks, instant breakfast, or a meal replacement. It’s literally the main staple in my diet.

I have been craving a chicken wrap with spinach, provolone, and pesto basil mayo… I’m planning on making one today and I hope it’s up to standard! I feel like once I eat one, the craving will go away.

Things to Do:

I thought it would be nice to hold myself accountable for a few things for the next update. I want to have all these things done by then! I’ll let you know how I do.

  • Finish Nursery: Decorating, Bedding, Bookshelves, Diaper Changing Station
  • Wash Baby Clothes
  • Hospital Bags: Mommy, Daddy, and Baby
  • Install Carseat

Doctor’s Appointments:

According to the 20 week ultrasound our little boy’s right kidney wasn’t draining completely and he has a little cyst on his brain. The doc said there was nothing to worry about as these things are common and usually go away. We had a follow-up ultrasound at 28 weeks to double check these things. Everything was normal! YAY! It was also nice to see our little boy moving around in there. ALTHOUGH, our boy was measuring rather large and we were told that his growth will be monitored since he’s so big.


I got my TDAP shot to protect baby and improve his natural immune system for when he’s born. I also got my finger pricked to test my iron level. It’s still kinda low, so I’m going to up my intake from one pill to two. Now onto the baby! We went in hoping that they would move up our date. When the doctor measured from the top of my pubic bone to the top of my growing belly, he told me that I/the baby was measuring at 35 weeks!! Wow! I’ve always expected to have a large baby, since both myself and Logan were HUGE (like 10 lb babies lol). The date didn’t change officially, but we did schedule another ultrasound at 36 weeks to check his growth. Who knows… our boy could be a MARCH baby! Fingers Crossed!!!




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