Baby Registry – What Products and Why?

Happy Friday!!!

One of my favorite things that I have put together this pregnancy is my baby registry. This is my first baby, so naturally I did a lot of research about what products were the best and which I could go without. I have spent months putting together my registry – adding, removing, changing the product details, etc. When I was creating this registry, I wasn’t thinking it in terms of a baby shower registry, but more as a list for myself to make sure I’m 100% prepared. I used Babylist for my registry mainly because you can add items from any store or website very easily. I liked having everything in one place, rather than having separate Target, Land of Nod, and Babies”R”Us registries. Although, the Amazon Baby Registry does have perks like giving a free gift package to those who use their registry. Also, it’s Amazon, so you can find almost everything. Now that my registry is rather complete, I thought it would be nice to share what items I thought were important enough to list.

Note: Please keep in mind that this is from my own research, and while I’m not yet a mom, I’ve learned a lot from other people who I think would be worth sharing in one place. 


Carseat and Stroller: This was a very difficult decision for me. I did so much research on different brands and products, and there are so many options! Everyone has their own preferences on what’s most important. For me, I wanted a travel system. I liked the idea of have the car seat, base, and stroller all come together. Very practical. We went with the Chicco Viaro Travel System in ‘Coastal’.

Carseat Canopy: This is more of an accessory for transport, but I think it’s important. I don’t want my baby to be exposed to too many germs while we are out and about, so I’d like to have a nice cover for him. It’s also nice so he can have his own space for naps if needed. I’ve got my eyes set on the ‘Black Strips’ and ‘Ezra’ Jersey Stretch Covers from Canopy Couture. Find a coupon for this company – they’re everywhere. Then you’ll only have to pay S&H.

Baby Carrier/Wrap: This is one of those items that a lot of people recommend purchasing after the baby arrives. This is because not every baby likes to be held close all the time and the wraps aren’t their favorite thing. They can also be pricy, so if you’re gonna splurge, you’ll want your baby to like it, too. I’ve got one carrier and one wrap on my registry to purchase after our boy comes, assuming he enjoys being held close. I’m going to go with the Ergobaby Adapt 3 Position Baby Carrier and the Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap. I really hope he’ll like this because we’ve got a long flight planned just when he’s a few months and it would make it so much easier to travel!


Crib/Bassinet: As with all baby stuff, there are so many options!! They do not make it easy… but Logan and I aren’t in a settle-down period in our life, so we aren’t about to fork over hundreds of dollars on a huge, fancy crib. We just wanted to make sure that it was up to safety standards and looked nice. With that criteria, we decided to pop on into trusty Ikea for their Sundvik Crib. It is a great price, only $120, and looks super sleek. I think Ikea can get a bad wrap sometimes, but I’ve heard a lot of people say that the cribs have gone through multiple children, so they clearly last! We didn’t get a bassinet because we are expecting to have a large baby. Bassinet’s are expensive, and our baby would grow out of it way too fast. If you have a small baby and you want to co-sleep, then a bassinet may be a great option for you! It just isn’t ideal for us.

Mattress: For the mattress, I didn’t want to put our baby on an Ikea mattress… sorry Ikea, but I’m not a huge fan of your mattresses. Instead, I hit up Google and Amazon to find a nice mattress that my baby boy would love. As a result, I found the Graco Premium Foam Mattress. This sounds more comfortable than my mattress, so I may be climbing into bed with our newborn haha.

Sheets and Mattress Cover: I don’t think there’s anything special about the sheets, so I’m just going to get some plain white ones. There are so many crib sheets that have cute designs, but I didn’t find any that went with the nursery theme I’ve got going on. As far as the mattress cover, I looked for high reviews with a low price. Both the Crib Sheets and Mattress Pad Cover I am purchasing are from the American Baby Company. Oh, and plan on purchasing more than one mattress cover!

Crib Mobile: I have seen so many mobile’s that I really just don’t like. They look tacky and cheap, but cost $40. PASS. I’ll probably make my own, but use this Baby Crib Mobile as a base. This way I can customize the mobile to be anything I want, and match my nursery.

DockATot: This has been one of those things that I’ve always wanted for my baby. They look so cozy and I can plop the baby down anywhere and he’ll be safe in the confines of the DockATot. I’ve also heard that they can help babies sleep through the night much quicker because of how snug they are. Although, I’ve also heard that not all babies like this, so before I splurge, I’m going to wait to see how my little man likes to be held. If I do buy one, I’m just going to get the plain white DockATot, and maybe an additional cover down the road.

Rocking Chair: I didn’t actually purchase anything new for this because we already have a chair that will work just fine in the nursery. I don’t like spending money, so I’m sticking with what we’ve got, which is similar to the leather POÄNG armchair and ottoman from Ikea. Ours is just a different color, but he chair itself will work nicely in the nursery.


Changing Station: I decided not to buy a new piece of furniture for the sole purpose of changing diapers. Instead, I’m working with what we’ve already got! As a base, I’m going to use a storage unit from Ikea (our home has lots of Ikea furniture in it) and use cute bins to store diapers, wipes, creams, etc. On top, I’ll put a Grip Changing Pad. No need to go crazy on all the baby furniture. Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean you need it!

Portable Changing Pad: I just wanted something small and simple that doesn’t take up any room in my bag. I found this Portable Changing Pad and immediately added it! Large yet compact, waterproof, and convenient. Done.

Wipes Case: I didn’t like the idea of carrying an entire pack of wipes with me, so I love this portable wipes case on Babylist. It’s super cute and practical. It’s not essential, but I think it’ll save space in my bag, so it’s worth it.

Diapers: WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE?! Like it’s literally just to go to the bathroom in… why does a pack cost $20?! I’m starting to realize that this would be a great thing to get at a baby shower. I hate spending money on things like diapers. You best believe I’m potty training my son as soon as he can walk. Anyway, put some on your registry and probably both sizes 1 and 2. Check out this chart to help with sizing on different brands.

Diaper Wipes and Cream: In the beginning, I plan on using WaterWipes for changing my boy’s diaper. I don’t want to use too many chemicals on his fresh skin, and I’ve heard great things about water wipes on newborns. As for diaper rash cream, I’m going to use the Desitin Rapid Relief Diaper Rash Cream. It’s been tried and true for most people so why buy something more expensive that does the same thing??

Diaper Bag: I wanted a diaper bag that didn’t look like a diaper bag haha. I’m not a huge fan of bulky bags that carry like a tote. Having said that, I bought a diaper bag from Fawn Designs. They are backpacks that are designed to be diaper bags and they are super fashionable with plenty of room in them. I got one in Black and Blush. The Blush bags are currently on sale for Valentine’s Day!!! So now is the time to get it!

Bath Time

Bathing Essentials Kit: I found this fabulous Johnson’s Bath Essentials Kit that I think is perfect for a registry. My boss got me one, and it has everything! Shampoo, body wash, lotion, bubble bath, baby powder and the Destin Diaper Cream! I love bundles like this. Simplifies everything!

Bath Support: At first I thought those little flower things for the sink were cute, but I’ve heard they are so difficult to work with and they don’t seem very practical… Instead of that, I am going with the Angelcare Baby Bath Support. I’ve heard so many great things about this, and I love that the baby can take a bath by himself (with supervision obviously), or with an adult. I love taking baths, so this is ideal for me.

Temperature Gage: What I think is a nice, relaxing temperature is probably far too hot for a baby. So, for bath time, I’m going to need to know how hot the water is so it’s both comfortable and safe for baby. I plan on getting the 4moms Spout Cover. It’s not an essential item, but it would be nice to have.

Hooded Towels: Eeep, these are so cute! I’m so excited to wrap up my son after bath time!! I’ve seen lots of different brands of hooded towels, but I saw the 3pk Hooded Towel Set in Mint from Cloud Island brand at Target and just loved them soooo much!! I’m really excited about how cute and snuggly they are!


Breast-pump: This is only relevant to those who plan on breastfeeding and want to have a little freedom here and there. I want my husband to be able to feed our boy with a pre-pumped milk so he feels more connected, too. I did a lot of research on which breast pump I want to get. Since I’m not going to be pumping a ton of milk, I don’t need a crazy ‘on-the-go’ pack. I’m staying at home to care for our boy, but in those cases where we need to go out and leave a babysitter, or when Logan wants to feed, it would be nice to have the option of a bottle of breast milk. I have decided to get the Medela Swing Single Electric Breast Pump. From what I’ve read, Medela does an amazing job with their breast pumps, and since I’ll be an occasional pumper, this will do the trick! I plan on getting mine through insurance.

Bottles: I’ll need some bottles for when I pump, but I won’t be needing too many. I’m only going to start with a few Medela Breastmilk Newborn Bottle Set. Depending on how successful our little on is at using a bottle, we will buy more later. Not all bottle are created the same, and every baby is different. Fingers crossed these will do the trick!

Cleaning Supplies: I’m trying to make this as simple for me as possible, so I’ll be buying the Medela Quick Clean Breastmilk Removal Soap. All I gotta do is put the bottles, tubes, etc. into a clean sink and let it soak for 5 minutes in water and the soap. So easy.

For Momma: From what I hear, breastfeeding is not easy. I put a section on my registry for my eyes only just so I can reference. This section is mainly to help me coping with breastfeeding. In this section I put Disposable Nursing Bra Pads, Lanolin Cream, Multi-mam Compresses, and Nursing Bras. Make sure to make a list of things that you will need for yourself, not just the baby.

Health and Safety

Humidifier: I live in Utah, where the air sucks and it is super dry. I want a good humidifier for our baby’s space. I decided to go with the Babymoov Hygro Plus Humidifier. This one is a bit pricier than some of the other ones I’ve seen, but it’s got great features, looks amazing, and the reviews were better than other humidifiers.

First Aid Kit: I want a nice little kit so I have everything I need. I went looking for such a kit when I found the American Red Cross Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit. It’s a perfect little compact essentials kit for the baby’s first year. It’s got everything! I recommend checking it out at the very least.


This section is a little more difficult because everyone has different preferences. I’m simply going to make a list of everything that is needed. Make sure to register for different sizes, and make sure to check the weight guides on different brands.

  • Coming-Home Outfit (1)
  • Short-sleeve (3) and Long-sleeve Bodysuits (3)
  • Sweaters or Jackets (2-3)
  • Stretchy bottoms (3)
  • Pajama Onesies – Footed (5)
  • Sleep gowns (2)
  • Socks/Booties (5-7)
  • Hand Covers/mittens (2-3)
  • Hats (2-3)
  • Swaddle Blankets (2-4)

I hope this post was very helpful! I know I had a hard time putting my registry together, so I hope to make the process easier for someone else. If you thought this was helpful, please share! Especially to your fellow pregnant women! Comment below if you have any questions. I’d love to hear what you have to say!!

Have a great weekend!

Veronica Lila


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