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My first run-in with BH Cosmetics was when I was about 14. I don’t know how I stumbled across their website, but I couldn’t believe how inexpensive the make-up was! At that point in my life, I really only wore eyeshadow. So, I bought the 120 color palette. Lol! I used that thing for years and I regularly got compliments on my eyeshadow. I remember one girl even asked me if it was MAC! After I had that amazing experience, I refreshed my shadow stash and just recently had a BH Cosmetics Haul!! I thought it would be nice to share what I’ve purchased and what my thoughts on the products are. There are quite a few, so feel free to look for the products you are interested in most. In the end, I will give a few recommendations to consider when BH Cosmetics that I’ve learned over the years.

Let’s Begin!

88 Neutral Eye Shadow Palette

Price: $12.99

Product Quality – 8/10: This palette has a combination of matte, pearl, shimmer, and sparkly finishes. There are so many options, that you can really create any look with this palette. Honestly, the pigment is really good and it doesn’t crease, as long as you have primer, concealer, or foundation underneath. This palette I bought a few years ago and I still use it. There are matte colors that work really well for filling in eyebrows, too (it’s actually my go-to).

Packaging Quality – 4/10: The packaging is pretty cheap. The lid broke off after about two months, and if you drop it, then the eyeshadow will pop out of place. I’ve lost a few colors due to poor packaging, but none of my favorites, so I’ve dealt with it okay.

Overall – 7/10: I would recommend this palette to other people because it has lasted me a long time, and the colors are very pigmented and look amazing. The packaging quality is poor, but the actual product is really nice. I’d rather have a great product with bad packaging, than the vis versa.

BH Liquid Foundation

Price: $8.99

Product Quality – 6/10: I was really excited about this foundation because the reviews were all really positive! I bought it in two colors because my skin color changes rather dramatically throughout the seasons. The product is very thick and really hard to apply smoothly. It’s nearly impossible to get a flawless complexion with a brush, so with this foundation, you really need to have a beauty blender. Since the product is so thick and tacky, it’s hard to smear around, so I use a foundation brush to get the product around my face, then go in with the beauty blender to smooth it out. The color is spot on, though!! Which is really hard for me. It takes about two-three pumps to get medium-full coverage. Once it is on, it lasts all day without any spotting which is great! The foundation also has a satin finish so it dries very natural and beautiful. The reason I gave this product a 6 is mainly because of the texture and how complicated it is to put on smoothly.

Packaging Quality – 8/10: The packaging on this product is the nicest out of any I have received from BH Cosmetics. It comes in a frosted glass, which feels really nice and looks rather chic. It also has a pump which is a huge plus! I like to know how much I use, especially when mixing two colors. I think they did a great job packaging this product and makes it feel more high end.

Overall – 7/10: This product is about the same price as drugstore foundations — Maybelline, L’OREAL, or Revlon — and it hasn’t been my favorite. If I could find a color from a drugstore that worked well with my skin tone, I would rather buy a product from Target, rather than purchase it online and pay for shipping.

Studio Pro Foundation Primer

Price: $9.50

Product Quality – 7/10: I haven’t used too many primers in my time in all honesty. I thought I should give this a try, especially since I bought it on major sale. The primer is very soft and smooth, which makes it very easy to move. I just use my fingers to get the product around (clean hands of course). When I use this before I put on the foundation my makeup lasts all day.

Packaging Quality – 6/10: The primer comes in a plastic, tube-like container. It’s simply a squeeze container, no pump or anything special. The product is definitely what you’re buying here, not any fancy packaging.

Overall – 6/10: While this product is nice, I could find another primer at the drugstore with the same result. It does seem to have a lasting effect on the longevity of my make-up, but I’ve done my make-up both with and without it, and I probably won’t be purchasing this again.

Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer

Price: $5.99

Product Quality – 9/10: This is been my favorite purchase from BH Cosmetics for my face. A dime-sized amount will cover your entire face! Suffice it to say, a little goes a LONG way. On days I feel lazy, I’ll just use this under my eyes and in my t-zone, buff it out really well, and put on powder. It makes me look so alive and like I actually put in effort in the morning. The color is really nice, as well as the coverage. The concealer has far better coverage than the foundation and the texture is much more pleasant.

Packaging Quality – 8/10: The container this comes in is pretty good. I have come to like it more and more. It’s in a little plastic tube with a lid on it. The applicator is silicone, so it cleans very easily and bacteria won’t build on it. I personally put the product on my finger and move forward with a small buffing brush. the packaging feels cheap, but it works and I haven’t had any problems with it thus far.

Overall – 9/10: There are going to be better concealers out there, but this price is hard to beat! I absolutely love it and will be purchasing it again. I think that this product goes on best with a buffing brush and not the sponge.

Studio Pro Perfecting Sponge

Price: $4.99

Product Quality – 6/10: This is the first sponge I’ve purchased… Crazy… I know. I really like the look of it and the review was great, so I hopped on the bandwagon of beauty blenders. I think this sponge is great for the foundation, but it’s hard to sculpt your face with the shape of the brush. It’s really hard to get into the corners of your face (nose or under eyes) because the sponge if very round.

Packaging Quality – N/A

Overall – 6/10: Get a beauty sponge from your local drugstore. The prices are about the same, and the shape of this blender isn’t very practical for everything. If you’re looking for a beauty blender just for foundation then this is great. Anything beyond that becomes more difficult.

Studio Pro Contour Palette

Price: $7.99

Product Quality – 8/10: I love the colors on this palette as it would work on many skin colors. I have olive skin that changing dramatically through the seasons, and this palette has nice contouring shades (both light and dark) year-round! Personally, I like powder more than cream, so this product has been a wonderful purchase.

Packaging Quality – 5/10: While the product is great, the packaging is not. It looks nice but feels very cheap. Within a few weeks, the fastenings holding the lid in place broke on one side. I always have to be careful now to make sure that it closes decently so I don’t accidentally chip the color away.

Overall – 7/10: The product quality outweighs the poor packaging. It’s a large palette, so it’ll last for ages, too! This product is a staple in my make-up collection and I use it almost every day. This is one that I highly recommend!

10 pc Makeup Brush Set – Sculpt and Blend 2

Price: $19.99

Product Quality – 9/10: This isn’t the only brush set I’ve purchased from BH Cosmetics, and I’ll probably buy more. The brushes are very soft and blend the product very well. If I could do it again, I would purchase a different set. This is simply because there are other brushes that would be more useful to me. This particular set would be great for those who are looking to add extra brushes to their collection, not as their base brush set.

Packaging Quality – 7/10: The only problem that I have with the brushes is when the metal meets the handle. After some time the handle loosens. It is a pretty easy fix if it were to break. I have had this set for over a year, and none of the handles have come off, which is good. My favorite from the set is wearing, however.

Overall – 8/10: In the long run, I got 10 make-up brushes for a very good price. They’ve lasted a very long time and this set has a wide variety of purposes. If you are looking for a new brush set on a budget, definitely check out the sets at BH Cosmetics. There are a bunch to choose from!

BH Liquid Lipstick – Long-Wearing Matte Lipstick

Price: $3.99

Product Quality – 9/10: I love my lipsticks!! I bought it in two colors: Lust and Glory. They are both shades of red, one is vibrant and one is dark. I recommend putting it on thin at first and build as needed. Don’t take too long because it dries matte very quickly. I love it because the color is amazing and lasts for a very long time. I only have to touch up once or twice all day – usually after eating. I would compare this to NYX matte lipstick. I really love matte lipsticks, so this was an excellent purchase!

Packaging Quality – 8/10: The product comes in a tube similar to that of the NYX matte lipsticks. I really like how easy it is to apply without any extra brushes. It isn’t the fanciest of packaging and feels a little cheap, but thus far it has done me well.

Overall – 9/10: Definitely recommend this, especially if you are a fan of matte liquid lipsticks. I really was really looking forward to trying this and I’m so glad that I did! As a tip: make sure you exfoliate your lips before you use this product. If you don’t the results will not be nearly as amazing.

Overall Tips when Purchasing BH Cosmetics

  1. LOOK FOR SALES! There are constantly sales on their website, like a big 60-80% off. If you’re really dedicated to getting the best price, sign up with your email so you’ll know when there are a big sales coming up.
  2. PURCHASE STUDIO PRO/LIMITED EDITION PRODUCTS. There are both normal products and studio pro. From my experience, I’ve liked the Studio Pro and collaboration products much better. Especially when it comes to collaboration, the product needs to be top-notch since they are putting important people names on the product, too.
  3. READ THE DESCRIPTION. Most eyeshadow palettes are shimmer, not matte, so read up on what you are buying so you know what to expect. Most larger palettes have a mixture of finishes. There are plenty of people who rely on the pictures and not the description of the product, then complain. Don’t be that person. For face products, like foundation and concealers, they give very good descriptions of the color choices. Simply know what skin tone you have (cool, neutral, warm) and you’ll be able to find something that works wonders for you.

I really hope this review was helpful! Please leave any comments or questions below, and feel free to share to help others, too.

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