Favorite Skin Care Product for Pregnancy

In all honesty, I try products with skepticism. I have tried plenty of skin care products with a variety of claims, and often times, they don’t work as well as I would hope.  I focused on products that would reduce dark spots and scars. A few years ago, my friend recommended Bio-Oil to me while we were at the store. It seemed a little expensive, but I was desperate to find something that actually worked. At first, it seemed odd applying an oil to my skin. I thought it would make my situation worse. However, every night I would apply the oil to my problem areas, and within a week I started noticing a real difference! I was surprised how quickly scars were disappearing and how hydrated my skin felt. Another bonus, it that one bottle can last months! So what I thought was pricy, turned out to be a crazy good deal! And no, this is not a paid promotion haha.

This was all before I was pregnant… Now onto the present.

Ever since I found out I was pregnant, my number one concern has been avoiding stretch marks and keeping my skin looking fresh. I knew that Bio-Oil would be my best friend for the next nine months (and after). Bio-Oil is specifically targeted to pregnant women to help prevent (or reduce) stretch marks and scars that can be one of the negative side-effects of pregnancy. It is recommended to be applied twice a day, but I usually only apply it right after my shower at night time. I love the way the oil feels on my skin. It is so hydrating and makes my growing belly happy and stretch mark free.

I know that stretch marks are also hereditary, but from my experience this product has been a skin-saver, both before and during pregnancy. I’m excited to continue using Bio-Oil for the aftermath of growing a baby. This product has given me some serious peace of mind that my skin doesn’t have to suffer while I’m pregnant! YAY!!!

I hope you will all love Bio-Oil as much as I do!!

Veronica Lila


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