7 Must-Haves when Traveling with a Baby

Happy Holidays, Lovelies!

Christmas is almost here, and for a lot of us that means TRAVELING! Before having a baby, there wasn’t much to think about when it came to going on a trip. Well my friends, things have changed! Our little family have been on about 20 flights since Lennon was born in April, so we’ve got a pretty good system at this point. Some things are essentials, while other things are a waste of space.

There isn’t much room in our bags to be bringing items we don’t need, so I want to help all you lovely families out by giving you my top 7 must-haves when traveling with a baby.

  1. Clothes – Okay, so I know this is an obvious one, but quantity can be a bit fickle. Make sure to bring enough clothes just in case of the dreaded blowout! If laundry is not available to you, then pack for the amount of days with maybe 2 spare outfits as backups. I used to pack way more than I needed, which can waste valuable space in a suitcase! If you can do laundry then you don’t need to bring as many outfits. For example, we are traveling to Utah for 7 days, but we are staying with family so we can do laundry half way through. I plan on packing the following:
    • 4 Long-Sleeve Bodysuits
    • 4 Pairs of Pants
    • 2 Pajamas
    • 1 Wearable Blanket
    • 1 Sweater and 1 Jacket
    • 4 Pairs of Socks
    • 1 Pair of Shoes
    • 1 Hat
  2. Baby Monitor – The first few times we traveled we didn’t even think to bring this with us! It is a huge saver when your baby is napping, and you want to be able to socialize with peace of mind. The first few trips, I would constantly be checking on Lennon since I didn’t have a monitor. This is a MUST!
  3. Bath Items – If your baby still uses a bath support, you probably don’t need to bring it (despite what you might read!). A bath support will take up A TON of room when it’s not necessary. Instead, just get in the bath with your baby while on vacay! It’s fun and sweet and your baby will love it! Just bring your LO (little one) some travel-size shampoo and body wash with a washcloth and towel. I like to bring my own baby towel because they are much softer than adult towels. 
  4. Car Seat & Stroller – This is also an obvious point, but what may not be as obvious is that you probably don’t need to bring your car seat base! Check to see if your car seat is able to go without the base, it will save you soooo much room! Your car seat and stroller are free to check at the airport so take advantage of it. 
    Tip: You can check your car seat and stroller at the gate so you don’t have to carry your LO through the airport the whole time. Also, you can ask the desk at the gate if they have extra seats on the flight and they might give you one for the car seat for FREE! Score!
  5. Baby Carrier/Wrap- I love, love, LOVE baby carriers and wraps! If you are flying with your infant on your lap, then bring a wrap carrier (structured ones can be a little uncomfortable on the flights). It contains your child while giving you the ability to use your hands. This is huge! Airplanes are cramped as is, so don’t give up all your space by holding a baby without a carrier. 
  6. Entertainment – Toys. Books. Treats. Have something to occupy your baby! I’ve been on flights lasting 2 hours to 10 hours with Lennon and it is so important to have something to entertain him! I bring his top 3 favorite toys, his 2 favorite books, and some rice treats. Between playing and napping, the flight goes by pretty quick!
  7. Diaper Bag – Make sure you utilize the space in your diaper bag very well. I pack roughly 6 diapers, wipes, a spare outfit, diaper disposal bags, the entertainment items, my wallet, and phone. Tip: A lot of people don’t know that you can bring formula and breastmilk through security! It’s like the one liquid that’s okay. So bring what you need, but look at the airlines travel guides to see if they have size restrictions (you can always pack multiple bottles).
    Another Tip: Buy a pack of diapers and wipes wherever you go! This will save more space than you would think. Just bring enough for the travel time and buy some when you settle in. 

Packing Pic1Packing Pic2Lennon in Suitcase3Packing Pic3Lennon in Suitcase2Lennon in Suitcase1

Okay! These are my 7 most essential items when traveling with a baby! If you are heading out for the holidays, good luck! I’ll be right there with you.  

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