Lennon’s 7 Month Update

This little rascal (not sure why we call him that, because he’s an angel haha) has grown so much! I feel like he is practically a toddler! Here are some pictures so you can swoon over his cuteness:

New to Lennon:

CRAWLING! He is a mobile little guy. He is so cute moving around the apartment. He is so curious and tries to get into everything! Especially the things he’s not supposed to get into… That’s just how kids are, right?

Baby swing sets are also new to Lennon and he had a blast! At first he was confused and didn’t know what was happening, but after a minute or two he was giggling away! It was so cute and so fun to see him in the swing. Logan also took him down the slide which was exciting.

These last two months I’ve really come to learn how ticklish Lennon is! It is so cute!!! I love his giggle and how genuine his laugh is. There is no hiding his happiness. I love it so much, is just melts my heart!

Lennon sat in his first restaurant high-chair last week and I was such a proud momma! He loved eating our bread, too. I was the cutest thing. He looked so grown up!

Lennon grew out of his bath support, so now his bath time is on his tummy. He can’t sit up that well on his own to have a bath so he plays on his tummy in shallow water, but he seems to have a really great time!

I think Lennon is starting to learn who different people are. Grandma Laughlin came to visit last weekend, and at first, he cried every time they made eye contact haha! (sorry mom) After they had a really good morning play session, he loved her the rest of the trip! Goes to show Lennon appreciates quality play time. Lennon rode on the ferris wheel and merry-go-round, which he had mixed feelings about. So many new things!

Lennon’s Day-to-Day:

Lennon wakes up too early… Since daylight savings it’s been about 5:30 and I just cannot  do that. Hopefully, he will go back to waking up at 7:30.

His day-to-day routine is nothing special. He wakes up and we play. He crawls everywhere. He love his new mobility skills. I have yet to babyproof the house for real, so that is at the top of my priority list. For now, we’ve blocked off the no-no places with pillows (Grandma Laughlin’s idea and it’s genius).

Lennon takes 2-3 naps a day, which is really nice. One in the morning, one at about noon, and one at around 3:30. Right now his schedule is thrown off a bit since he’s waking up so early, but we’ll get back to it eventually… hopefully.

He goes to sleep at 7:30 which is really nice! He has a really good stretch for about 6 hours, but then it’s about every 2-3 hours which SUCKS! I’m really really tired haha.

Lennon’s Eating Habits:

Lennon will eat anything we give him. At first he makes the funniest little face, but then he will want more and more. Right now, his favorite is strawberry yogurt. We just introduced it this last week, and he LOVES it! I give him a fruity puree in the morning after his milk breakfast, and a vegetable  one in the afternoon. Since food before 1 is just for fun, he still drinks lots and lots of milk. I don’t really measure how much he drinks, but I let him eat as much as he wants. Seems to be working out just fine!

Lennon Wears:

Lennon is still in size 3 diapers, but they are starting to feel too small, even though they shouldn’t. He only wears his 9 month and 12 month clothes, but his 9 month clothes are fading out. 12 month clothes definitely fit him best. He is just so tall! We are starting to buy 18 month sizes in preparation for the next phase. Hopefully it won’t be for another few months? We will see!

Lennon Loves:

What doesn’t Lennon love?! Strangers maybe, but I think that’s a good thing. He loves eating new food, books, dancing, mommy and daddy, music, crawling, and getting into things he’s not supposed to!

Logan and I are so blessed to have such an amazing little boy. He is our everything. Our world. We are so grateful for our bundle of joy and the love and laughter he brings into our lives!

Signoff Clear


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