Lennon’s 5 Month Update

You know the drill… before I share the information via words, let’s look at some pictures of Lennon since his last update!

New to Lennon:

Since Lennon’s 3 Month Update, we went to Oregon! This was his first time in Portland at Grandma and Grandpa Laughlin’s house. We absolutely loved the weather there, since we could actually leave the house and not get heat exhaustion. We went on so many walks and we even hiked South Sister! Well, we made our own little ‘baby summit’ for Lennon’s safety. It was Lennon’s first time camping, too. Absolutely miserable, but also memorable. He absolutely loved spending time with his grandpa and grandma and can’t wait to play with them some more.

Lennon is finally putting himself to sleep at a decent hour and he loves his night-time routine. He is really growing up so fast is hard to believe.

Lennon’s Day-to-Day:

Now that Lennon is five months old, I figured it was about time to have a schedule. We wake up at around 8 am to change, feed, and play! He loves playing in tummy time and ROLLS AROUND EVERYWHERE! It’s amazing how far he can move just by rolling. He also loves playing in his jumping saucer. At around 9:30-10 am he will want a nap. He will nap for around 30-45 minutes. Then play even more. He loves playing and sounding like a pterodactyl. He’ll nap again at 12:30 for another 30-45 minutes.

I love his nap times because I can be super productive! or watch Netflix and not feel guilty… either way!

When he wakes up around 2 we go out and get the mail. He loves being carried in the Ergobaby and go outside. Luckily the weather here in Texas is calming down. When we get back he will play even more – roll around, jump around, yell around, etc. Oh, at this time I also like to feed him real people food in puree form (gross), but he loves it! He sits so well in his little high chair. I have to strip him down to a diaper for these feeding sessions because it gets very messy, very quickly. His last nap is at 4:30ish and will maybe sleep for 1 hour? I love it when he wakes up right when Logan gets home from work. That way they get some time together.

I start the night time routine at 7:45 with a warm bubble bath. Lennon love his baths and now he knows that this is the start of his bedtime. After a 15 minute bath (mostly him playing) its jammies, singing, a book or two, then feed. I put him down at 8:30 when he is still awake, and he now falls asleep within 5 minutes usually without fuss! I’m so proud!!!

Lennon’s Eating Habits:

Lennon still eats like crazy and breastmilk is his main source of nutrients. I haven’t changed how much I feed him in that regard. I have added pureed food for exploration and fun! Lennon really loved trying new foods. So far, he has had carrots, green beans, sweet potato, banana, and strawberry. He has loved everything we’ve fed him! We gave his a part of our strawberry popsicle (organic) and he LOVED it!!! probably because it felt good on his little gums.

Lennon Wears:

Lennon has been wearing size 3 diapers. I didn’t change him into that size until we used all the size 2s. Poor guy was wearing diapers way too small for him for a good while…. His onesies are mostly size 9 months, and a few 12 months. He sometimes wears the 6 months still, but they’re definitely too small. I just hate that he grows out of good clothes so fast!

Lennon Loves:

Lennon loves pretty much everything! Bath time, chatting with mommy and daddy, snuggles, games, books, singing, playing piano, banging on tables, putting everything in his mouth. You name it, he does it!

Lennon brings so much love and happiness into our home. He is just so perfect and such a little light. Logan and I thank Heavenly Father every single day that Lennon is in our lives. So grateful. Man, Lennon is awesome.

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