5 Best Products for Your Newborn

Lennon is no longer in the ‘newborn’ stage (0-3 months), but then again at 11.5 pounds, was he ever? haha. Some of the things we bought were flops, but some things were amazing! All the baby products out there can be very overwhelming, so I’m going to provide the 5 most critical products that helped me through the newborn stage.

  1. MamaRoo: Now this is not for everyone or every baby. In the early stages, I found myself needing a little time to do things for myself. After a few weeks, I decided to splurge on a mamaroo and I am so glad that I did! Before, Lennon would fall asleep on me and as soon as I moved him he would wake up! It seems like I never had a second to myself. The Mamaroo changed that for me. Lennon loves the movement and the rain sounds, so he would fall asleep and stay asleep for a really good naptime.
  2. Skip Hop Activity GymYour baby is never too young to have an activity gym! Lennon loves this one and so do I! I really don’t like baby stuff that is loud and obnoxious to look at, so this fit perfectly into our home. It does the trick with style. It has noise makers, lights, mirror, and a nice soft mat. Lennon uses it multiple times a day.
  3. SwaddleMe WrapThese are a must have! While blankets are okay for swaddling, wraps are insanely better (in my opinion). Lennon was such a strong baby that he could unwrap himself in seconds. The wraps with velcro held him in so much better and he slept in 5 hour stretches.
  4. Muslin BlanketsWhile these were not my favorite to swaddle with, I use them for so many other things. I always have one with me, sometimes two! Carseat cover, nursing cover, blanket, playmat, changing mat (when desperate). It has so many uses that I couldn’t imagine not having any.
  5. Angelcare Bath SupportObviously your little one needs bath time, but there are so many options. I used to think that those little sink flowers were so cute, but now I only think of how impractical they are! Wringing and drying them out after every bath sounds exhausting and they aren’t very sanitary if you think about it. I’m so glad I went with the AngelCare Bath Support because Lennon can sit/lay in the tub, splash around, and it requires no maintenance. Plastic and silicon makes it so easy and comfortable. Lennon loves bath time, and I think having a great bath support really helps!

Looking back, these are the items that were the most used and beloved in the newborn stage. Comment below if you had something you couldn’t go without in the newborn stage, I’d love to hear and I’m sure others would, too.


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