Planning the Gender Reveal

In anticipation of finding out the gender of our baby, Logan and I decided to follow the trend of having a gender reveal party! We thought it would be great to share the experience with friends and family both in person and via live video. I’ve been wanting to do a party like this since before we were even pregnant, so I am so happy that it worked out so well!

Here is how we planned it:

First — Decide how you want to reveal the gender. There are so many options it’s crazy! I used Pinterest a lot to sift the good from the bad and really narrow it down. I recommend having a gender reveal party board while you are trying to get the best ideas. I had mine on private so no one knew what I was up to haha. Our first choice was throwing chalk, but it was too cold and we didn’t want to make a mess inside after. We liked the idea of confetti and balloons falling on us rather that balloons coming up from the ground out of a box. So, we decided to go with the hanging box filled as much as possible for the best pictures.

Second — Purchase supplies. I didn’t want to ask someone else to buy stuff for us and do all that extra work. I decided to head to Walmart and buy stuff for both genders. I figured that I could return whatever I don’t use, but I ended up using a bit of everything for decorations in the end. The supplies you purchase will vary depending on the reveal you chose. I bought balloons (two shades of blue and pink and one pack of white), streamers (blue, pink, and white), and sparkly confetti of gold, blue, and red. I pulled some balloons from each pack for decorations, and I saved half of the streamers for decorations while the other half was cut into pieces for the reveal. For the box, I purchased the largest shipping box available, which was 24×30. I painted the box black with acrylic paint and used a chalk marker for the writing. It was so easy!! To hang the box, I drilled two holes in the top and used twine to string through and hang. We used masking tape to close the box so it would rip easily, and we put some paper over the crack so confetti didn’t fall out and spoil the surprise. It all worked perfectly!

Third — Have your ultrasound and seal the gender! When you go in for your ultrasound, tell the technician you are planning on having a party and that you would like the gender in an envelope. During our appointment, the tech. showed us everything expect the gender. She was perfect! We got some good pictures, and she labeled everything. The picture of the gender with it labeled was placed in the envelope. The hard part was not peeking!!!! It was totally worth it!

Fourth — Give the envelope to the trusted person(s). We decided to give it to a couple so one person wouldn’t have to do a lot by themselves. We gave the the supplies along with the envelope and the rest was up to them! It was crazy!! We knew they would do a great job, so pick someone you trust!

Fifth — Set-up!!! The day is here and things are crazy! We had food the prep, decorations to put together, and a giant box being filled with the gender of our baby! There are lots of temptations to peak, but don’t! I promise it’ll be worth the wait. I had some help getting the food in order and all the decorations set-up. We had the party at Logan’s office because of the open space (tech companies are the best). We had the food in the lounge area, and the box in a separate area for less distraction. Once everything was set-up, there’s only one thing left…


Table Decorations.jpg


I know there are many ways to put together a gender reveal party, but I thought it would be nice to share how we put our together to help anyone who is just beginning the process. Please ask any questions in the comments or send me an email. I would be happy to help with this adventure!!


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