When we decided to start a family!


Logan and I recently announced that we are expanding our dynamic duo to a little trio! It took me a while to feel comfortable sharing the news because I wanted to make sure the baby was healthy and strong. There are still a lot of unknowns, but we are so excited to be moving along this journey as a family! I want to share why Logan and I decided to start having kids.

Logan and I have had many conversations about starting a family. We have been very open about the topic ever since we started dating. We have always been on the same page with how many kids we want and when we imagined having kids. After being married for a while, the topic of starting a family was brought up again, but it was still as a future idea. Personally, I was terrified of having a baby growing inside of me and taking care of another person is an immense amount of pressure. Overtime, however, I became more excited to start a family and to start taking care of our future little ones.

In the beginning of June, Logan and I were sitting in church listening to the talks and observing everything around us. To set the scene: Our congregation is FULL of kids. Living in Utah, the families are larger than usual and the area we live in is very young. We were both sitting in deep thought, off in our own worlds. I was looking at all of the children and babies and I felt so strongly that it was time for us to start a family. I started getting emotional because at that point I could not deny that this is what we were supposed to do. I looked at Logan all teary eyed, and he said to me, “I think we need to have a child”, to which I immediately said, “I KNOW!!!”. We were both impressed so strongly by the experience that we immediately scheduled an appointment with the doctor to remove the Nexplanon in my arm.

It was a crazy time. At that point, we weren’t sure how long it would take to start a family. We’ve heard from many people that it can take a few months, sometimes it happens right away, and for some it takes years. We were not sure what to expect. A month after we took out the Nexplanon, I bought a pregnancy test. Logan and I sat down together to see the result. It was negative. Some time had passed and I was getting worried because I thought my body was taking a long time to adjust after removing the Nexplanon. Even though we already had a negative test, Logan was convinced that we were pregnant. After more weeks of worrying, I randomly decided to take another test. It was positive! Logan knew all along and never doubted. I was so surprised that it happened so quickly, and also extremely grateful. I know it’s not always that fast, but it confirmed the feeling both Logan and I had that we needed to start a family.

We are so excited to welcome our little peanut into the world on April 6th, 2018. I know that this was the perfect time for us to start expanding our family. Our baby must be meant for great things!!!!

If you have any questions about our journey toward pregnancy, or about our experience so far, please let me know via email or comment below!


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