Yellow Lovin’ this Summer

Happy Sunday, Lovelies!

As you may know, our little family traveled to the Middle East in April and we are now back with lots of things to post, but for right now I am dying to share this yellow wrap dress from A.L.C. It’s the perfect dress for the summer and all your wedding needs.

I rented it through Rent the Runway‘s Unlimited option. If you need lots of dresses or clothes you should definitely look into doing this! I rented 4 stunning dresses for only $100. Hard to beat that, especially with the wedding season in full swing.

*Side story: We drove to the Dubai Mall for these pictures and when we got there, we realized the camera was left on and died! It could have ruined our day, but we managed a few pics with my iPhone. The quality isn’t as good, but I’ll take it over nothing! Definitely a fail moment.*

Anyway, back to this dress!


Buy this Dress or Rent this Dress

Since I prefer a more modest style, I wore a white camisole underneath this wrap dress, but you totally don’t have to! I figured it would be best with my given curves lol. I absolutely loved this dress and wish I didn’t have to return it to Rent the Runway! I’m obsessed with the ruffle sleeve and the structure of the fabric is incredible.

Let me know what you think of this dress! I would wear it every week if I could. More posts coming soon with my other dresses from Rent the Runway! You’ll want to see them, I promise!

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