Lennon’s 11 Month Update

Wow, 11 months already?!

In a few short weeks Lennon will be a year old. Oh my goodness. We have some exciting plans for his first birthday, but for now let’s focus on what he’s learned in the past few months! Oh, but per usual, here are some pictures:

New to Lennon:

Walking! Lennon is a walker. He started pulling himself up in his 8th month and started walking along edges, but in the last month he started walking all by himself. From a few little steps to walking around the apartment, Lennon is offically walking. So crazy!

Last week we got home from more international travel, more specifically New Zealand! It was so much fun taking Lennon to a new part of the world. He loved being outside and enjoyinig a change of scenery. We went to Hobbiton, the beach, Taupo, and Rotorua. We missed Logan a lot, and it was the longest we had been away from him! We have a family trip coming up during Lennon’s first birthday so he can have even more international experience!

On a sad note, Lennon had his first real fever! It was a 102.2 and he was so snuggly all day long. Luckily it only lasted a day and didn’t turn into anything serious. Another thing… Lennon had his first really scary fall. He pushed the chair back while at the table and crashed to the floor. Luckily he wasn’t hurt at all! So grateful because it could have been 100x worse. Anyway, he’s happy and healthy and we are so glad!

Lennon’s Day-to-Day:

Currently, there isn’t much of a schedule because of time changes and daylight savings. However, he has been sleeping really well at night lately, which I am so grateful for!

Lennon’s Eating Habits:

Anything I eat, Lennon wants to eat. Right now his favorite things are this type of chicken I buy from target for my wraps, chocolate chips (not a common thing but he’s loves them), oranges, bananas, and pancakes.

Lennon still drinks lots of his mommas milk, and that’s really still his main source of nutrition. Since he’s almost one, we are going to start weening until it’s just morning and night time feeds. I want to continue nursing even after he’s a year old because I love it so much. It’s going to be sad when we stop.

Lennon Wears:

The clothing that fits him best is size 18 months from Carters. Different brands have different sizing, but for the most part is 12-18 months.

I’m excited for his year appointment to find out his height and weight, it’s always my favorite part of his chech-ups! We are goign to have his a little early because of our trip but we need to do it sooner rather than later for his shots!

Lennon Loves:

HIS MOMMY AND DADDY! It is so cute seeing his little face light up when he sees us in the morning or when Logan comes home from work or when I get back from a work out. He is so happy to see us! It makes us feel so loved!!! (This didn’t change from his last update because it’s still so true and I love it so much)

He loves taking showers and baths, vaccumms, walking around, and playing in a fort! He is such a happy baby. Whenever we are on flights or go out in public everyone always tells us how well behaved and happy he is. We are so blessed!

Lennon definitely has some seperation anxiety, but we are trying to help him out by having people watch him without me there. It’s nice that he’s attached to me, but we also need him to feel comfortable when I’m gone.

We love our little Lennon more and more every day!!!


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