Why You Should Create a Birth Plan

I am so excited to chat about putting together a Birth Plan. It’s been my favorite thing!

As baby’s delivery day approaches, uncertainty settles in stronger. I would imagine it’s not only first-time moms who want to be as prepared as possible, especially since every pregnancy and baby is different. One of the things that has helped me feel a little more prepared is putting together a Birth Plan and going over it with my Doctor. There are so many plans floating around the internet, but my personal favorite is the one released by The Bump (PDF at the Bottom).

There are so many options that are available to mothers that I didn’t even realize! This Birth Plan goes through everything. When I first went through it, I had a lot to think about! Do I want to wear my own clothes? What positions do I want to labor and birth in? What about where I want the baby to stay in the hospital – in my room or in a nursery? It’s definitely a good idea to do plenty of research when filling out your Birth Plan. Also remember that movies seem to portray giving birth in the worst possible way. I feel like creating a plan gives us more power in our birthing story.

The BEST thing about a Birth Plan is that you get to tailor the birthing experience to you, your partner, and your baby. As my husband and I went through our Birth Plan with my doctor, he wanted to ensure us that this was my birthing experience and they would do everything to accommodate my desires. Remember to bring your plan with your to the hospital so everyone is on the same page, too. I recommend using a checklist to find things that you want, but then transform it into a concise 1-2 page document for the nurses and doctor. It looks more professional and it’s easier for them to look at.  If you’re doctor isn’t willing to give you the experience you want, then it’s not too late to find a doctor that will! Don’t feel trapped. This is your experience!!

Creating a Birth Plan is exciting and fun. I love the plan that my husband and I created together, and I am excited to have this experience with him. We are so excited to bring our son into the world on our terms! I hope that every woman feels like they can have control over their birth because they can!

Here is the PDF to The Bump’s Birth Plan. This was my favorite, but of course you can use whichever you prefer, or make your own! I highly recommend it.

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  1. Currently developing my own… so many options.


    1. veronicalila says:

      I know right?! It can be overwhelming, but it’s nice to know your options and know what your personal best case scenario would be!


      1. It really is! Honestly I’m going in with an open mind.

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